model Cutting
power pack
SC-100 52 - 480/563** 100
SC-120 58 - 522/707** 120
SC-120 EP 60 708 522 120
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The demand for deeper and deeper diaphragm combined with the stringent requirement for verticality makes the hydromill the best option to tackle today's needs.

The main advantages of Hydromill technology are:
- Ideal for deep walls
- Suitable for most of the soil conditions and able to work in rock or hard formation
- Capable of correcting the verticality
- Possibility to have a real time monitoring sysytem during the excavation

Thanks to the experience obtained by Trevi Group in 25 years of operations with hydromill in job sites of Asia, America, Europe and Africa, Soilmec has designed and manufactured a state-of-the-art product to cope with new and even more challenging projects.

The range offers several equipment and accessories:
- Base carriers
- Additional external power packs
- Drum or coil wheel arrangement
- Three sets of cutting modules H-5, H-8 and H-10
- Complete mud system


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