model rated engine
power (kW)
max hoist
SM-8GT by Puntel 116 at 2000 rpm 98 9
SM-16GT by Puntel 176 at 1900 rpm 195 16
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Geothermal energy is a natural resource. In fact, the earth contains an inexhaustible supply of heat. As the depth increases, so does the temperature thanks to the geothermal energy coming from the earth's core and rising towards the surface. What's more the earth's crust absorbs over 40% of solar energy. This makes geothermal energy inexhaustible, constantly available, and a free and renewable source of energy; homes, offices, shopping areas, and whole residential complexes can be heated and air-conditioned at a much lower cost than when using traditional energy sources.

The extraction of heat from the ground and the distribution of the same to heat and air-condition environments can be done using various types of plants. Applications of this type, called “low enthalpy”, are most often used in residential buildings and commercial areas (ecoconstruction).
The drilling depth to install the “Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP)” varies from 50 to 200 metres.

The traversing system and the compact dimensions are the strong points of our machines, which can be equipped with:

- (BOP) automatic greasing
- Magnetic loading system for rods and casings
- Triple clamp and breaker
- Double rotary (or hammer at the head for rods and bottom rotary)
- Mud pump
- Rubber tracks


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