The use of micropiles in the special foundations field has found a steady development thanks to two main requirements: the possibility of consolidating soil while increasing their bearing capacity by means of compact size equipment with improved use flexibility and the possibility of using drilling technologies into loose soils which would be technically impossible to be faced by means of large diam. rigs, with a certain advantage in the execution times and methods.

The micropile mainly works with its point so that, whenever morphologic conditions allow it, we always attempt to introduce the point into the sound rock.

The mostly used technology is DTH drilling and single rotation drilling (with helicoidal rods or rods and three-cones with air or water air outlet). In order to improve the execution, more complex technologies are used, such as rotopercussion drilling with top hammer (in the presence of rock), vibrorotary (with loose soils), cased drilling by single rotary (with odex, tubex, simmetrix and similar methods), and cased drilling with double rotary (with loose soil or under ground water). Diameters falling under the definition of micropile are up to 300 mm. The cement grout following to drilling and reinforcement phases (with iron pipes, HB beams or cages) can be either by simple gravity or by high pressure. This last solution allows a remarkable increase in the bearing capacity maintaining the same diameter.
Over the past few years, the trend involved a continuous increase in maximum diameters with sizes up to 600 mm, to be performed with the same types of hydraulic drill rigs.

The choice of the right micropile is anyway linked to and depends on various parameters, such as the soil mechanical features, the diameter to be executed, the most suitable drilling technique and, last but not least, criteria of economic criteria.

model Rated engine power
Max hoist
SM-3 by Puntel 72-116 kW 40 3.5+1.5*
SM-5 by Puntel 72 40 5.6
SM-8 by Puntel 85 at 2000 rpm 60 8.5 - 9.2
SM-14 119 at 2200 rpm 89 13.5
SM-18 176 at 1900 rpm 113 19-21
SM-20 by Puntel 135 at 2000 rpm 83 20-22
SM-21 176 at 1900 rpm 141 21-23
SM-30** 164 at 2200 rpm 120 33
ST-30* 143 at 2000 rpm 84 32
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