Soilmec has created a range of hydraulic probes especially for soil investigation.

Operations performed for soil investigation can be broken down into three main categories:

model Rated
Max hoist
SM-8G by Puntel 85 at
2000 rpm
98 8.5
SM-16G by Puntel 176 at
1900 rpm
195 16
STM-8G 85 at
2000 rpm
98 8.2
(without truck)
STM-16G 176 at
1900 rpm
195 16
(without truck)
catalogo Catálogo
Galeria de fotos
  • Geo-technical investigation (defining soil characteristics)
  • Geo-mechanical investigation (analysis of the mechanical behaviour of rocky masses)
  • Geo-physical investigation (analysis of the dynamic behaviour of soils and their deformability)

For all these main purposes, the use of appropriate core-boring systems is necessary when taking soil samples for subsequent analysis in a laboratory or onsite, in order to define the morphological stratigraphy of the soil under investigation. The information thus acquired influences and makes it possible to choose the most appropriate type of foundations and the most suitable drilling technology, in both technical and economic terms and according to the way they are to be executed.


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