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The DPS (Drilling Positioning System) was developed in order to control the drilling positions, before executing jet grouting columns.
This control is of basic importance in the execution of bottom plugs and deep waterproofing shields.


The DPS is assembled on the monitor bearing the nozzles, with consequent drilling depth saving and minor wears.

The DPS takes inclination measurements within a range of +/- 60°, compared to the vertical line.

The DPS transmits the data by means of Bluetooth technology.

The DPS is powered by and inside battery with a full charge duration of 180 hours in long life mode (automatic ignition only during the drilling stop phase) and 50 hours in continuous mode (continuous data recording while drilling).

The DPS guarantees working pressures at 500 bar for the cement slurry, with an inside passage of 25 mm and at 20 bar for the air, with a delivery of 20.000 l/m.

The DPS' battery can be easily replaced and is charged with a special recharger.


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