The technology of in-situ soil mixing, by adding an appropriate stabilizing agent, can be applied to a wide range of geotechnical design problems. Very good results are achieved by properly using either isolated columns of consolidated soil or combinations of columns forming geometrically defined structures. TURBOJET is an important development of the "Soil Mixing Technology" allowing the construction of such consolidated structures in a fast and cost effective way, with high quality standards.

The application of the system ranges from very soft low consistency cohesive soil (up to 15% of organic soil), to non-cohesive soil from loose to medium consistency (sand and gravel).

The TURBOJET technology relies on a specially designed tool combining the effects of high kinetic energy "jet" with mechanical mixing performed by suitably positioned blades. This way, high quality and fast mechanical breakdown, alongside effective soil-mixing with high speed jetting are guaranteed. This technology allows columns to have the same mechanical strength and diameter as the ones obtained using other soil mixing systems, but in a faster and cheaper way, making it highly competitive. Thanks to a wide range of tools of different geometry, the technique can be adapted to different soil characteristics, thus optimizing the working parameters. As the system is very flexible, it is also possible to continuously modify the soil-mixing energy and the quantity of stabilizing agent (binder), depending on the desired design parameters. The geometry of the columns constructed with Turbojet are not affected by the soil characteristics, as in many jetgrouting systems, but remains unaltered throughout the whole depth.

High performance tools ensure fast soil consolidation, whereas the control system constantly records the operating parameters and automatically modifies them based on the feedback from the ongoing work.


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